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Energy Industry

Designed to handle the Visitor, Vendor & Contractor Management needs of companies in the Energy Industry


Our Visitor Management system can be placed in your lobby and used to check in pre-registered or walk-up guests. When not in use for registration, the system can provide Digital Signage for your visitors.   Additionally, our system provides the following functionality:

  • Pre-Registration

  • Microsoft Exchange Integration

  • Remote Receptionist

  • Watch List Support

  • Background Check Visitors When Appropriate

  • ID Scan for Onsite Registration Verification

We also have an Mobile App that your guests can download to their mobile device to enable the following functions anywhere and any time:

  • Automated Registration – Register with Mobile Device

  • Automated Check-In and Check-Out

  • Remote Receptionist

  • Visitor Tracking

  • Automated Credentialing

Contractors, Vendors and Temporary Employees can be managed through our system with the extensive capabilities provided.  We interface to the major access control systems so you provide access to the appropriate areas by visitor type or down to the individual level.

We have created a Job Site Module that may be used to process and track the many contractors, vendors and temporary employees that may be used at your various job sites.  You can use this module to:

  • Pre-Register contractors and provide them with an email with links to educational material such as safety videos and tests, as well as do an external background check or perform a check against your internal watch list to identify previously flagged individuals.

  • Scan a barcode that was sent via email through the pre-registration process or scan a driver license or other government issued ID to quickly register individuals at the job site.

  • Process walk-up individuals quickly and efficiently while still performing ID Verification and background checks, and presenting non-disclosure agreements, safety videos and tests.

  • Check-In and Check-Out individuals rapidly.  Once processed initially, either through pre-registration or on-site, individuals can check in and out rapidly on subsequent days.

  • Automatically track individual’s time-in and time-out and save, create and print attendance logs and reports.

Contact us today to see an online demo and learn more about how we have created the ultimate contractor management system for all companies in the energy industry.

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