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Take Visitor Management to the Next Level

With Visitor Management, Remote Reception™, Digital Signage and BranchVisitor™ modules, our Lobby Management Suite is the most feature rich solution available today.  The suite is completely modular so you can run Visitor Management stand alone or with one or both of the other modules.​

We spent a lot of time analyzing the lobby management process and studying the needs of large enterprise companies to create the most dynamic and flexible product available.  Our software is so easy to customize and support that your company can literally have a different Lobby Management system in every lobby throughout your organization.

We have also created mobile versions of our software so that you can service visitors, contractors, vendors and temporary employees at any location:  Guard Gate, Loading Dock, Temporary Work Sites or Remote Corporate Events.  We are confident that our products will satisfy the needs of visitors for any size company.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management


HelloSystems visitor management software has been optimized for large enterprise organizations.  It contains all of the features you would expect from an industry-leading visitor management platform...and much more.

  • Pre-Registration – Pre-register visitors with FrontDoor™, our Exchange integrated product, or use our custom designed Visitor WebPortal™, which is built to accommodate single visitor and/or large group pre-registrations.

  • Data Capture – Capture data up front through pre-registration or in the lobby with a form that can be customized to capture different information at each location if required.  Repeat and pre-registered visitors do not have to re-enter information.

  • ID Scanning/Capture – Scan visitor’s government issued IDs such as Driver’s License, Passport or Military CAC cards.  Save all or part of the ID and photo. 

  • Custom NDAs – Create, present and have your visitors acknowledge NDAs that can be customized on a location, visitor type and language basis.  Your company can present any number of location-specific NDAs.

  • Emergency Procedures – Create, present and have your visitors acknowledge Emergency Procedures, Safety Videos and other important information on a location by location basis.

  • Take Photo Option – If desired, take and store a visitor's photo to include on a visitor badge or other form of identification.

  • Automatic Host Notification – Our system automatically generates an email or text message to the employee host once the visitor has completed the registration process.

  • Watch List Integration – Create internal BOLO or VIP watch lists or interface with a 3rd Party watch list. Don’t wait until a visitor on your watch list arrives at your facility.  Pre-screen pre-registered visitors and automatically notify security if a pre-registered guest matches the watch list to proactively distinguish the threat.

  • Multi-Language Support – Provide your visitors with one-click language translation for as many languages as you need in one lobby and throughout your company.  Instantly translates all on screen messages and text as well as NDAs and Emergency Procedures for your visitors.

  • Package Tracking / Lost and Found Option – Our Receptionist version, which can be run by a local or remote receptionist, provides them with the ability to manage all aspects of Package and Lost and Found item tracking.

Designed and Built for the Enterprise 

Powerful enough for any size global enterprise, yet flexible enough to address any visitor type and their specific information-capture needs.

  • Can be run in Multiple Modes – Our Visitor Management software can be deployed within an organization in any combination of 5 different ways.

    • Standalone Receptionist Station in a lobby

    • Standalone Visitor Station in a lobby

    • Standalone Visitor Station in a remote area (construction site, oil platform or field, etc.)

    • Combination Receptionist Station and Visitor Station, with the receptionist able to view the visitor screens and assist with registration if required

    • Standalone Visitor Station with a Remote Receptionist™ able to greet and assist the visitor with the registration process

  • Web Based Administration Tools – Manage the entire Hello Systems ecosystem, including the Digital Signage and Remote Reception™ modules, from one Administration Portal that can be accessed by authorized users from anywhere.

  • Customization by Location – No other Visitor Management application is as customizable.  You can create a template that defines the look and feel and workflow for your main lobbies and then customize that template in multiple ways to support different work flows throughout all of your various company locations.

  • Custom Branding for the Entire Company or Any Division – Make sure all of your logos, symbols and color schemes are prominently displayed on your welcome and data capture screens, pre-registration forms, visitor badges, digital signage and everywhere else it applies within the Lobbe Suite platform.  Create multiple templates if required to support multiple divisions and/or subsidiaries.

  • Automatic Software Updates – Once you have made a change to a location and saved it through the Administration Portal, your work is done.  The lobby software will automatically update the next time it connects to the server.

  • Location Grouping – Group locations by city, state, region, country with as many groups and sub-groups as you need.  Once grouped, you can assign administrators to manage one lobby, one group or multiple groups.

  • Robust Reporting Tools - Our product comes with a comprehensive web-based report module that allows you to run reports on one location, a group of locations or company-wide.  Reports can be run for any time period and can be displayed in text/numerical or graphical format.  Keywords may also be entered (such as an individual visitor’s name, visitor type, host name, etc.) to fine tune any report.  Reports can also be exported to Excel, Word or PDF formats.

  • On Site or Cloud Based Hosting – Of course, we can host the back end in the cloud for you, but most of our Fortune 1000 customers prefer that we provide them with the tools to host themselves in their data center, behind their firewalls.

  • Microsoft SQL Database – Although other database platforms are available, SQL Server is typically the back-end engine for our product suite, enabling you to store, report and otherwise manipulate your data as you see fit.

  • Internally Hosted and Managed BOLO and VIP Watch Lists – Create, manage and provide internal watch lists that meet the specific needs of your organization.  Watch Lists can be created on a company wide, campus wide or a single location basis through one easy to use interface.  Create Watch Lists that are "true" watch lists using our state of the art FaceWatch™ facial recognition product.​


We are confident our system is the most comprehensive, highly customizable and easily managed visitor management platform ever built. And, it gets even better when it is expanded to include our Digital Signage and Remote Reception™ modules to turn Visitor Management into Lobby Management.

Remote Reception

Remote Reception™


Traditionally, receptionists monitor lobbies, identify and welcome new visitors and facilitate the welcoming stage of the visit.  Now with the Hello Systems’ Remote Reception™ module, you can still provide all the traditional reception services but without a receptionist present. 

The Remote Reception™ module is a powerful remote receptionist application that enables a single receptionist to manage multiple visitor lobbies.  Working in conjunction with the Reception Station (included in the Visitor Management core module), a remote receptionist is “on call” and can interface directly with your visitors with the push of a button on your lobby kiosk screen (or PC based lobby visitor check-in station).  If a visitor has questions or needs help, the “Call Receptionist” button on the kiosk screen or your visitor’s mobile phone initiates a video conference with a designated receptionist.

The Remote Reception™ Module works in conjunction with the Reception Station to allow the remote receptionist to view the live video feed, observe registration status, view remotely entered visitor information, scanned IDs and photos and view and/or print visitor badges in accordance with your company policy.


  • Video Call Center Application – Set up a load balanced Video Call center that will automatically route lobbies in need of assistance to the appropriate receptionist based on assignment, availability or language.

  • Full Time or On Demand Remote Reception – The Remote Reception™ module can be run full time in low demand lobbies and can also be run in On-Demand mode whenever needed in otherwise receptionist attended lobbies.

  • Visitor Identification and Welcoming - Require that your Remote Receptionist proactively greet each visitor or have them only interact with visitors when needed.

  • ID Verification – The Remote Receptionist™ can remotely verify IDs by comparing the scanned ID to the visitor through the video feed.

  • Registration Assistance – Remote receptionists can monitor up to twelve lobbies simultaneously and provide assistance on an as needed basis.  Visitors can initiate a video chat at any time and the receptionist can do the same when a visitor appears to need assistance.

  • Remote Badge Printing – Add an extra level of security by requiring that the remote receptionist review the visitor and visit information prior to printing or issuing the visitor badge.

  • Host Contact Notification – In addition to the automatic host notification feature, a Remote Receptionist™ can also contact/engage a host when necessary.

  • Generate Significant Return on Investment (ROI) – Companies can start saving money immediately with the Hello Systems’ Lobby Management Suite by reducing headcount in those lobbies where full time reception is not necessary.

The Remote Reception™ module is perfect for any large enterprise looking to provide a unique and modernized welcoming experience for their visitors....with a tremendous ROI relative to full-time lobby receptionists.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage


Hello Systems has included a Digital Signage module in the product suite so that you can provide consistent messaging to all of your visitors throughout your enterprise.  Our Digital Signage module supports corporate-wide as well as location-specific messaging that can be easily managed from our Administrative Portal.  Here are just a few of the things that you can do:

  • Provide Corporate Messaging

    • CEO Videos

    • Product Announcements

    • Marketing Videos / Presentations

  • Provide Lobby Specific Messaging

    • Personalized Greetings

    • Lobby Specific Instructions

    • Emergency Information / Procedures

Be sure to keep your visitors well-informed and entertained with our tightly integrated Digital Signage module.

The Hello Systems Lobby Management Suite is perfect for any large enterprise to provide consistent, satisfying, economical welcoming experiences.  Contact us today to schedule an online demo.

Visitor PreRegistration

Visitor Pre-Registration


Know who is coming to your company before they arrive with our visitor pre-registration product..

  • Two Pre-Registration Modules:

    • FrontDoor™ - Integration with Microsoft Exchange 

    • Visitor WebPortal™ - Web based pre-registration ​for Individuals or Groups​​

  • Watch List Alerts​

  • Pre-Formatted Custom Emails

Our FrontDoor™ product provides seamless Microsoft Exchange integration, allowing your employees to pre-register guests automatically using Outlook.  This affords them the ability to easily register guests with no change to their standard process.  Integrated with our Internal Watch List, the Pre-Registration module can alert security when a match is found so the potential threat can be proactively addressed.

Send pre-registration emails to your invited guests that include directions, emergency procedures, instructions and barcodes or QR codes.

The Visitor WebPortal™ is the perfect pre-registration tool for those non-Microsoft Exchange environments to register one or multiple guests simultaneously.  It can also be used with our GuardGate module to keep security guards informed and up to date on scheduled visitors.

Woman with Kiosk.jpg

TouchFree™ Lobby

TouchFree Lobby
kiosk small.png


Introducing the HelloSystems TouchFree Lobby Suite.  Provide your visitors with a hands-free visitor management experience with a personal touch while keeping all of your employees safe.  HelloSystems is the only visitor management provider that allows you to move your receptionists out of harm’s way and into a remote location.  Visitors can have the peace of mind of a touch free registration process and the remote receptionist can manage the entire check in process remotely and safely.

The TouchFree Lobby  uses all of modules that have been available for years including: Visitor Management, Digital Signage, Remote Reception and Trade Compliance. The system can support a process as simple as a few data entry fields through the most complex imaginable and anything in between.  For those visitors who do not want to touch the hardware system, the Remote Receptionist is there to provide a warm welcome and manage the entire check-in process for them. 

The core of the TouchFree Lobby is the RemoteReception™ module which allows the remote receptionist to conduct a live audio/video conference with visitors.  The remote

receptionist can walk the visitor through every screen of the registration process including: ID scanning/capture, data entry, document presentation, review and acceptance, photo capture and badge printing.

Features include:

  • Touch Free Visitor Registration

  • Relocate Lobby Personnel to a Remote Location

  • Identify and Welcome Visitors and Vendors

  • Provide Employee and Visitor Temperature Monitoring

  • Complete Remote Registration Assistance

  • Robust Video Call Center Application with Smart-Routing

  • Remote Badge Printing

  • Automatic or Reception-Assisted Host Notification and much more…

Keep your employees and visitors safe by installing the TouchFree Lobby today.

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HelloSystems has developed a robust browser based BranchVisitor system that can be used in all of your branches to process preregistered or walk up visitors.  Eliminate vendor and guard check-in logbooks at branch locations, and create a lasting, easily auditable history of all vendor visits with our BranchVisitor product.

  • Display Expected, Checked-In and Checked-Out Visitors and Vendors

  • Process Pre-Registered and Walk Up Visitors

  • Report on Visit History by Location, Groups or the Entire Company

  • Access Visitor Denial and VIP Watch Lists

  • Track Incoming and Outgoing Packages

  • Track Lost and Found Items

  • Track Vendor Hours on Site

Best of all, BranchVisitor is priced by branch and can be used by every branch employee for one low flat rate.  The BranchVisitor module was designed and built with the input of bank and credit union customers and is ideally suited for Branch Visitor Management.


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