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Enterprise Solutions

Designed, Built and Optimized for Large Companies


Designed and built for Fortune 1000 companies, our product suite takes visitor management to the next level.  The core Visitor Management module has the most features of any product on the market today.  That coupled with our Digital Signage and Virtual Reception modules make our software the only true lobby management software on the market today.  Services offered include:

  • Digital Signage

  • Microsoft Exchange Integration

  • Visitor Registration / Badging

  • Remote Reception

  • Automated Registration with Mobile Device

  • Remote Reception Assistance Anywhere in Your Facility

  • Corporate Information on Demand

  • Visitor Rules on Demand

  • Enterprise Ready Application Suite

  • Centralized Data Collection and Reporting


Our software was designed and built for large companies and is optimized for implementation in your data center.  Our system can be placed in your lobby in any hardware configuration and includes many enterprise functions including:

  • Can be run simultaneously in Multiple Modes – Our Visitor Management software can be deployed within an organization in any combination of 5 different ways:

    • Standalone Receptionist Station in a lobby

    • Standalone Visitor Station in a lobby

    • Standalone Visitor Station in a remote area (construction site, oil platform or field, etc.)

    • Combination Receptionist Station and Visitor Station, with the receptionist able to view the visitor screens and assist with registration if required

    • Standalone Visitor Station with a Remote Receptionist™ able to greet and assist the visitor with the registration process

  • Web Based Administration Tools – Manage the entire Hello Systems ecosystem, including the Digital Signage and Remote Reception™ modules, from one Administration Portal that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere that has the proper permissions in place.

  • Customization by Location – No other Visitor Management application is as customizable.  You can create a template that defines the look and feel and workflow for your main lobbies and then customize that template in multiple ways to support different work flows throughout all of your various company locations.

  • Custom Branding for the Entire Company or Any Division – Make sure all of your logos, symbols and color schemes are prominently displayed on your welcome and data capture screens, pre-registration forms, visitor badges, digital signage and everywhere else it applies within the Lobbe Suite platform.  Create multiple templates if required to support multiple divisions and/or subsidiaries.

  • Automatic Software Updates – Once you have made a change to a location and saved it through the Administration Portal, your work is done.  The lobby software will automatically update the next time it connects to the server.

  • Location Grouping – Group locations by city, state, region, country with as many groups and sub-groups as you need.  Once grouped, you can assign administrators to manage one lobby, one group or multiple groups.

  • Robust Reporting Tools - Our product comes with a comprehensive web-based report module that allows you to run reports on one location, a group of locations or company-wide.  Reports can be run for any time period and can be displayed in text/numerical or graphical format.  Keywords may also be entered (such as an individual visitor’s name, visitor type, host name, etc.) to fine tune any report.  Reports can also be exported to Excel, Word or PDF formats.

  • On Site or Cloud Based Hosting – Of course, we can host the back end in the cloud for you, but most of our Fortune 1000 customers prefer that we provide them with the tools to host themselves in their data center, behind their firewalls.

  • Microsoft SQL Database – Although other database platforms are available, SQL Server is typically the back-end engine for Lobbē Suite, enabling you to store, report and otherwise manipulate your data as you see fit.

  • Internally Hosted and Managed BOLO and VIP Watch Lists – Create, manage and provide internal watch lists that meet the specific needs of your organization.  Watch Lists can be created on a company wide, campus wide or a single location basis through one easy to use interface.

We are confident our system is the most comprehensive, highly customizable and easily managed visitor management platform ever built. And, it gets even better when it is expanded to include our Digital Signage and Remote Reception™ modules to turn Visitor Management into Lobby Management.  Contact us today for an online demonstration of our solutions.

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