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Financial Services

Custom Configured to meet the requirements of Financial Services Companies, Banks and Credit Unions


HelloSystems has worked with various financial entities including large publicly traded insurance and financial management companies, banks and credit unions of all sizes to design a solution to meet the needs of the various companies in the financial services industry. As a result of this collaboration, HelloSystems has created the ideal solution to meet the varying needs required by those customers.

Financial services companies can use our robust Lobby Management™ or TouchFree™ Lobby products in corporate lobbies and take advantage of all the power that our solutions have to offer. Our BranchVisitor™ module can be used to satisfy the requirements of branches and sales offices.

Our system can be used to check-in preregistered or walk-up guests, display digital signage and provide a hands-free experience with the aid of a remote receptionist.  Some of the features found in these products are:

  • Customized Branding (company logo, screen background, colors, etc.)

  • Customizable Data Entry Screen by Location

  • Web or Exchange-Based Visitor Pre-Registration

  • Host Email Notification of Visitor Arrival

  • Integrated BOLO and VIP Watch List (including Email Notification)

  • On Premise/Emergency Evacuation Report

  • Hands Free Visitor Registration™

  • Check-in and Check-out pre-registered and walk up visitors and vendors

  • ID Scanning

  • Take Photo Option

  • Print Paper, Peel and Stick or Plastic Badges

  • View and Optionally Accept Custom NDAs and Health Questionnaires

  • View and Optionally Accept Custom Emergency Procedures

  • Package Tracking Management

  • Lost and Found Management

  • Employee Look-up Feature

  • Remote Reception Capabilities with Video Call Center Applications

Visitor check-in requirements may vary from location to location.  As a result, the system is optimized to handle custom configurations on a company, division, region or location basis, so you can always be sure that you will have the system you need to service all visitor and vendor types in each location.


Visit our Products page of contact us today to learn more about how our industry leading Lobby Management™ suite can be custom configured to meet your needs.

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