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Mobile and Portable Products

Until now, remote visitor management has been an unorganized, time consuming and inefficient process. Typically done on paper, the process does not easily allow for the capture and storage of information, the ability to validate vendors and contractors against a Watch List, the scanning of Driver Licenses and Passports, taking and printing photos or dispensing visitor credentials such as badges and electronic access cards.


With Hello Systems' Mobile Products, you can extend your lobby throughout your organization on any mobile device.  Use our Visitor Management, Digital Signage and/or Remote Reception products in non-lobby areas to:

  • Enable your Visitors to sign-in with the  MobileEntry™ module.

  • Register Visitors at Off-Site Meetings and Events, Job Sites or anywhere else with our Ancillary Entry Management modules.

  • Sign-In Vendors at your Loading Dock or receiving area with the LoadingDock module.

  • Enable your Guards at a security gate with the GuardGate™ module.

Our mobile solutions come in two core products:

  • The MobileEntry™ module which allows your visitors, vendors and contractors to access the Hello Systems Lobby Management functionality on their phone or tablet.

  • The Ancillary Entry Management products let your personnel take the Hello Systems Lobby Management suite to other locations such as off-site meetings and events, loading docks, guard gates and high security areas such as NERC sites and data centers.




The MobileEntry™ app can be used by your Visitors to:

  • Automatically Check In when they arrive at your facility

  • Provide them with access credentials so they can move freely throughout your facility

  • Track them throughout your facility during their stay

  • Provide them with Assistance using the Remote Reception module

  • Send them Notifications with the Digital Signage module

  • Provide them with navigational guidance throughout your facility

  • Automatically Check Out when they leave your facility

  • Time their visit from Check-In through Check-Out

MobileEntry Products

MobileEntry™ Products


Extend your Lobby Management functionality to virtually any location at your facility including your Guard Gate and Loading Docks.  Implement any of our many features from as little as just a simple check list that automatically notifies the host to a complete system with ID scanning and wireless badge printing.

Use either the handheld device based MobileEntry™ or our industrial strength MobileEntry™ Portable products to check-in and check-out visitors at off-site meetings and events or remote job sites.  If internet access is an issue, the software can be run in stand-alone mode and updated the next time the portable unit makes a connection to the host Server.

With the MobileEntry™ and MobileEntry™ Portable products you can:

  • Check-In pre-registered or walk-up Visitors, Employees, Contractors or Vendors

  • Capture all Visitor data for immediate or later upload to the Corporate database

  • Compare all Visitor Types with previously created Watch Lists

  • Add Individuals to the Corporate Watch List

  • Scan Driver Licenses, Passports and other government issued IDs.

  • Take Visitor photos and include them on printed badges or save them in the database.

  • Provide Remote Reception Services

  • Provide corporate or location specific Digital Signage

  • Display, and have visitors agree to, Non-Disclosure agreements

  • Display and have Visitors acknowledge Emergency Procedures, Safety Videos and other mandatory media

  • Print badges or issue electronic access cards

  • Automatically notify Hosts when registration is complete

Hello Systems' mobile and portable products are the perfect complement to our fully functional Lobby Management Suite, and allow you and your visitors to use our system on the go or in remote, non-lobby locations.  Contact us today to schedule an online demo.




Ideal for Any Gated Campus Environment

  • Allows a Security Guard (or Other Authorized Personnel) to Pre-Check Visitors at the Gate

  • Always Know Who’s Coming or Going

  • Automatically Notify Host Upon Arrival

  • Receive Daily Updates via Mobile Device

  • Streamline ID Verification

  • Expedite Visitor Processing

Our GuardGate™ module has been built to streamline the verification process at the gate and expedite visitor processing.  This app can be accessed by mobile devices and is updated with pre-registration information in real time as it is entered by employee hosts.  It can be used as a simple check list or expanded to include a hand held ID scanner to quickly process visitors, vendors and contractors.  And, whenever a visitor is checked in, our system can automatically notify the host of their visitor's arrival.

Portable Visitor Management

Portable Visitor Management

Our portable visitor management kit includes our full software suite on a tablet or laptop plus the other optional components needed to provide a complete solution at a remote location.

  • Ideal for Remote Registration

  • The Complete Portable Visitor Management Kit includes:

    • Database and full suite of Visitor Management software

    • ID Scanner

    • Camera (for taking photos or providing Remote Reception)

    • Badge Printer

    • Built In PC

Process visitors, contractors, vendors or temporary employees at any off-site event, job site or work location.  If there is no network connectivity at the remote location, the Portable Visitor Management system will store the information locally and synchronize with the server when a connection is available.

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